Your Open Question: Can HD Ready TV's give off a 1080p display on Xbox 360 ?

Answer With a HDMi but note all games don't output on 1080 p you can get a HDMI for around 8-10$ on eBay

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Do cottontail rabbits make a covered nest then open it when ready to give birth?

Not really, though it may appear that way. Cottontail rabbits use what is known as a form, or a covered impression in the earth. Cottontail rabbits are not good diggers. Only when the female rabbi... Read More »

Are 1080p TVs 3D ready?

Although a 1080p resolution is an important part of the standard for 3D TVs, they need additional features as well. As an example, interfacing with the 3D glasses requires that the TVs have a fast... Read More »

What is the different between HD ready and Full HD 1080p?

HD ready has nothing to do with the lines of resolution. It simply means that the TV can display a HD signal, from a HD source, but doesn't have an HD tuner built in.

Why can't I display at 1080p on my Benq24"?

You have to install any video drivers once more... Formatting blows everything away, including any video drivers that were on the old drive.