Your Favourite Youtube Videos?

Answer Try Achmed the Dead Terrorist - always worth a laughPretty much anything by The Chasers War On Everything - an Australian show where they mock everythingFlight of the Conchords - : )Amish Paradise ... Read More »

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What are your favourite videos on YouTube?

the sneezing panda.and the funny kenya song.LOL.

Whats your favourite type of YouTube videos?…………

What are your favourite FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS Please post a link of them/it in answer to this question?

the emmy show is hilarious but in the search bar you have to type theemmyshow its hilarious!!!

Does watching videos on youtube mean your streaming videos and use up your gb?

Yes you are downloading the videos, so therefore you are using your gigabytes. I have Hughesnet Satellite Internet and I can only use YouTube so many times a day before I go over the allowance.