Youngistaan Ka Wow- "Good Till the Last Drop": Who are the real Youngisaans?

Answer Everything you wrote there is 100% correct but sadly our youngistaanies don't really care about this. The world will never see the side reflected, we live in a age of hypocrisy where "jo dikhta hai... Read More »

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How to Shop Till You Drop?

Have your husband carry your many shopping bags!Learn How to Spend a whole day at the Mall, buy great clothes at great prices, and, survive.

I am 36 weeks pregnant and 1 centimeter dilated How long till real labor starts?

Probably another five weeks, especially if this is your first child.

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How long till I get a good amount of pubic hair?

Probably in like a year or something like that.You can't really tell when. Because everyone's body is different.Some people hit puberty faster than others, so you just have to be patient. There's n... Read More »