Question video question!?

Answer well you have to have a movie usually has windows movie maker which is simple to use and you can probably figure it out you can insert a song and stuff as well as subt... Read More »

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Can i watch youtubecom movies directly on my NOKIA X2 Mobile phone?

yes..just download the youtube you can directly go there..for me its working..i can watch any videos from youtube..

S-video question please help ?

With an s-video cable of course. Then on your TV remote, change the input selection to s-video. On your laptop one on the FN keys - I forget which - can toggle the selection of video output.

Video card ( GPU ) question?

I would get the nVidia card any day. Better drivers, less noise, less heat, better performance for price. You will enjoy your upgrade.Hope i helped

I have an uploading video question!?

Your editing program is not compatible with your cameras video format. Sometimes if your computer is old and slow, that can cause problems too.