YouTube videos like Marble Hornets (slenderman)?

Answer There are a LOT of vlogs AND written blogs out there for Slenderfans like you and me. Furthermore, there are LOTS of communities for you to go and reach out to other fans. SOme of these series are ... Read More »

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What is Marble Hornets on YouTube?

It's a slender man documentry and slender man is a photo shop contest on something aweful forums.

What ever became of marble hornets?

From what I've heard from some of the comments on YouTube, they may be filming a whole second season of Marble Hornets. MAYBE... Don't know for certain. But I've watched every episode and the littl... Read More »

Should I watch the Slenderman videos?

yeah you should because the more you know, the less scary he will be for you

Web Sites Similar to the SCP Foundation or Marble Hornets SEE DETAILS, PLEASE :)?

You overlooked how there are "foundation tales" on the Scp wiki, also SCP isn't a failure just because it isn't what you expected/ what you want from it.