YouTube taking forever to upload..?

Answer usually a 5 min clip video takes just less ~3min to upload in youtube. it also depends on the quality of the video whether its an 1080HD,720,360. also try to check the video filesize if it exceeds ... Read More »

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OMG! my youtube video is taking forever!! please help!?

you probably don't have the right file or just try uploading it again.

Uploading 1080p videos to youtube taking forever?

That there is no problem with uploading from iMovie suggests that you are exporting HD video from FCP with no compression. This can be several GB per minute of video which is why it will take so lo... Read More »

Why is my YouTube video taking so long to upload?

I have a feeling it takes a long time because of copyright it looks for any copyrited music videos and then tells you afterward even though you have waited hours for it to load.

Taking a LONG time to upload a youtube video?

Try compressing the video with any free programs on the net (it will make it a smaller size, and faster to move).Get a faster internet speed.It normally takes about an hour or two for me. Yeah, it ... Read More »