YouTube spam comments?

Answer It's not actual persons, it's bots that some people paid to do the job. The ones that paid for the bots most likely make money, and it is often a scam. Hope this clears it up for you!

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What is spam I keep seeing things like:' tired of spam Please dont use spam!' and more. Please fill me in!?

Ads emailed to you.Ever heard of junkmail and know what it is?Spam is the same thing as junkmail.

Pocodot: What is it, why is there spam about it all over youtube?

To people who don't know what pocodot is, the company pocodot is trying to trick youtube viewers into making pocodot accounts. That comment you see is fake and so are the thumbs up. Do not... Read More »

How to Get Comments on YouTube?

You may have some very creative Youtube videos, and you really want to get some feedback on them, but so far you don't have enough subscribers or enough people watching your videos at all to get an... Read More »

I can't see replies to comments in Youtube?

The people behind YouTube have stuffed this up, I remember when it was like that too, anyway, what you have to do is go to the video that corresponds to your comment and go to all comments >show al... Read More »