YouTube message glitch?

Answer No, not yet I have the same problem they are going to patch it in an update.

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Youtube background scrolling glitch?

Haha this is a very easy fix up! Go back to Youtube and edit your page again, go near where you uploaded the picture and right next to the "Remove" button you should see 2 Radio Buttons with labels... Read More »

I got this message on youtube and?

I got that too a long time ago when I only had about 3 videos. I think if you upload at a constant rate you get that privilege or it could be if you recently applied for youtube partnership.

What does it mean if I get a youtube partner message?

Not only is it free, but YOU earn the money. I am a partner. Although the new partnership program is what you have, so it doesn't do much. It isn't special, but it means you have enough views to ea... Read More »

What message you are getting while opening "YouTube" website?

Hello. YouTube is getting some problems from their new YouTube layout, I know this because i'm part of the support crew. The problem will be fixed soon. Thanks