YouTube is slow to watch from my phone why?

Answer This could be due to a slow internet connection, which would cause longer buffering times. If you don't have great service try using wifi if possible (Go to setting and turn on wifi and connect!)O... Read More »

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Whats the most common reason for a laptop to be running slow youtube vids take an age to watch?

How to Watch YouTube on a Phone?

Mobile phones are not just for talking and texting. Many mobile phone providers, especially for smartphones, offer Internet access directly from your mobile phone. Although not all phones have this... Read More »

Whys everything i try to watch keep jumping and now its to slow to watch any thing?

simple ... the bandwidth on the signal your receiving isnt big enough for youtube.bit like trying to push an elephant through a door ....

Can you watch videos from YouTube on a T-Mobile Wing?

The T-Mobile Wing can play YouTube videos, but not using the included Web browser. You can view YouTube videos by installing a Flash-compatible Web browser, such as Opera Mobile, or by using a vide... Read More »