YouTube is forcing users to link to Google account?

Answer I feel your pain man. I think its ridiculous that I have already created an account with YouTube, yet now I am being forced to create a google account, which I neither want nor need. If anything, i... Read More »

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How do I stop youtube from asking me to link my google account with my youtube account?

there should be a cancel or some kind of cross button just to get rid of it, i have a google account but it still keeps on coming up :/

How do I change google account users?

It's simple, not really much different it used to be. 1) Go to, wait for the page to fully load. 2) you see the user who is currently logged-in in the top right hand corner ... Read More »

YOUTUBE: "Your account is permanently linked to a Google Account" - How Do I separate the two?

You change the e-mail address on your youtube account to a yahoo one.

How do you link your Youtube and Google accounts?

Its a little complicated to link them. You most likely have two google accounts it seems. Therefore sign into one of your accounts (through regular google) and go to the top corner where it says my... Read More »