YouTube invalid response revived ....?

Answer I'm guessing it is meant to say 'received' rather than revived.Sounds as though it is being sent commands/html/code that cannot be interpreted for an ipod. Perhaps there is some coding in there t... Read More »

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Why does my iplayer on my tv keep saying server response invalid?

I have the same problem with my Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Player. The network config check says all is OK and all the other internet content works fine just not iPlayer. It was working OK a few days ag... Read More »

How to Post a Video Response on YouTube?

Do you ever wonder how people get their videos on somebody else's YouTube page and call it a video response? Well read on if that's you!

How do I post a video response on the new YouTube?

Sign inClick the comment box under the videoa link should appear that says Attach a VideoClick that

How do I post a video response on Youtube?

Click where you are going to make a text response and there will be a button come up for video response.