YouTube copywrite laws?

Answer Copyrights last for decades (the exact rules are a little complicated), so anything from 2008 would still be protected by copyright. It is not obvious why YouTube has not gone after the 2008 foota... Read More »

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Bypass YouTube Copyright Laws?

They are not YouTube laws, they are laws, just like you cannot shoot someone, you do you charged with murder. By you uploading a file that contains copyright material, it puts YouTube liable for l... Read More »

What are the rules/laws with Youtube when it comes to putting videos on your site?

If the video allows you to embed it into your site than you can embed it. It's not illegal since you're not uploading the content. A lot of those videos you see on youtube with the copyright conten... Read More »

Does the military laws supersede civilian laws when it comes to filing a missing persons report?

Answer If the missing person is an active duty member of a service branch, yes, it does.

Congress passed five neutrality laws in the 1930s What did the passage of those laws indicate about US foreign policy?

I think you can find your answer here In the United States, there are three types of treaty-related law: * Congressional-executiv... Read More »