YouTube Music Legal ANSWER NOW!!?

Answer Yeah it's legal even if you didn't buy it only if you don't try to sell it YouTube won't remove or go into copyrights only unless it's pertaining to a entire movie but not bits and pieces. But if y... Read More »

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Does anyone know a website where I can download legal music to use on YouTube videos?

If you wanna be totally legit, then use music played by a military band (automatically in the public domain) or search for music in the public domain.

Is it legal to convert YouTube Music Videos into MP3 files for personal use?

No, as longs you fully understand personal. When your troubles begin when your version of personal does not match the standard definition of personal. Then large fines and jail time are possible.... Read More »

SERIOUS MUSIC LOVERS ANSWER (ten point best answer)?

I like a lot of alt rock which is usually upbeat.I also delve in other music.Imagine Dragons IncubusMuseChiodosBilly TalentBiffy ClyroParamoreSkrillexFun.Middle Class RutBand of SkullsThe Black Key... Read More »

What is best LEGAL music downloading site (cheap, yet legal).?