YouTube Is Messing Up?

Answer YOU GOT THE DREADED "BAD REQUEST".If "your browser sent a request that this server could not understand" and "size of request header field exceeds server limit", your requestis a bad or oversized c... Read More »

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Is Youtube messing about for anyone else?

No m not having that problemMayb there is some problem with your internet connection.

My mom is messing up my diet!!?

Have you told her that you are serious about trying to eat healthier, and you'd appreciate it if she could cooperate with you?Maybe try that, before you completely flip out on her. She might have n... Read More »

Why is the resolution on my T.V messing up?

Hello, Most computers can connect to an external display for mirrored and extended desktops. While high-definition television sets cannot match the resolution that many dedicated computer monitors ... Read More »

How can I stop BT Messing up my computer?

That sounds like you have some malware or a Virus.You should run a full virus & malware scan to check for problems.What AV program are you running? Is it up to date?