YouTube-How to delete a song/video?

Answer If you go to your video manager click on your favorite on the left hand side and your videos will pop up and on the left side of the videos there is a small box so to each of the ones you want to d... Read More »

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Do YouTube comments you posted delete when you delete an inbox?

No, when you delete a comment from your inbox, you are not deleting their comment, you are deleting the notification telling that they left you a comment reply.There is no way for a person to delet... Read More »

How to Delete the YouTube App on a Droid?

YouTube offers an application for the Motorola Droid. It comes installed on the devices by default, but you can remove it if you no longer want the program. You uninstall YouTube, as well as other ... Read More »

How to delete a youtube video?

In Video Manager, check the box next to the video. Then click on Actions and look for the delete option.Make sure the new video you upload has a different file name so that YouTube doesn't get con... Read More »

How to delete YouTube vids!!?

you go to your account then click on video management and delete them :)