YouTube Haters.. Help?

Answer its not your videos its the stupid people who cant get any likes and are jealous of your videos being popular there sitting watching it thinking ts good but they dislike it because there jealous

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I have a question for Michael Jackson HATERS (yes, haters)?

Oh Michael Jackson haters, come out, come out wherever you are... Oh right sorry I forgot all of you are crying in a corner somewhere because you guys ran out of pointless jokes and are too out num... Read More »

Fellow Kidz Bop Haters Will you help us?

kidz bop sucks! the kidz that sing r all full of acholhol and happy pills! lol so i am so in to help stop! luv u guys!!!!! and thanks soooooo much 4 helping! ive wanted this to end for a while now ... Read More »

MJ Fam and Haters: Why Do MJ Haters Answer MJ Questions, They Have Better Stuff To, Don't They?

Because they are trying to make MJ fans angry And it seems to work with a few fans

Help: I'm nervous about using Facebook!!! (no haters please)?

I have done this before, so I did my research before i tried it, good thing u r asking too! go with facebook, because it is a proven fact that myspace has found a way to give u a virus no matter wh... Read More »