You will buy an iPhone 100 no higher?

Answer yes the iphone is easy to use!

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If a digital camera has a higher resolution will its price be higher?

Depending on the type of camera (ie.. Kodak, Canon, etc...) yes your price will be higher. If you go with a cheaper camera that has less features but a higher resolution, that would be your best be... Read More »

If you are in ROTC in high school and if you want to join the Marine Corps will you get into a higher boot camp and will you go in with stripes?

No, you will be treated to an identical and joyous Boot Camp experience by a regular Marine Drill Instructor who will not care diddly about your cherished memories of High School ROTC. You may have... Read More »

What iPhone case has a warranty that if the iPhone breaks they will replace the iPhone?

None that is currently on the market. You should have your phone insured through either home content insurance or specific mobile phone insurance.

Which camera has higher quality video iPhone 4s or Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H55?

I would lean toward using the CyberShot simply because larger lenses tend to produce better results in normal lighting. If the iPhone yields suitable video, I would make a modification to the tripo... Read More »