You were in the national guard reserves for 8 years part of that during war-time do you qualify for any kind of pension from the guard?

Answer Political ideology (Maoism vs. National Socialism), mainly.

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Age limit for part time air national guard?

There are very few instances where honeypots are authorized for deployment on Army information systems. This type of activity commonly requires the participation of counterintelligence and speciali... Read More »

How can I switch from the national guard to the reserves?

You would need to first speak with your unit, and an Army recruiter (the recruiters who do recruiting for the Regular Army also do it for the Army Reserve, and Army Reserve units don't have recruit... Read More »

Are the Army Reserves and the National Guard the same?

No, they are very different, primarily in that the National Guard has a state mission, while the Army Reserve is entirely federal. Additionally, the Army Reserve is almost entirely support units, s... Read More »

Are national guard pension taxed?

That depends on the state which the guardsman retired from.