You were feeling sick but am now not is this normal during pregnancy?

Answer Well yes because according to many women who have complety gone trough pregnacy, sometimes feel stressed, their head hurts and yes, it is normal if they're minor things like a small fever, but just... Read More »

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How do you get over feeling sick during pregnancy?

Answer You dont get over it you just do things to ease the nasua. Saltine crackers and ginger ale, help alot of gals. Some do breathing techniques and others use mind over matter.

Is it normal to be feeling tired and sick two weeks into pregnancy?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer Of course it is normal. Your body is changing everyday. I have two children and I could hardly get out of bed with my first child and go to work for 8 hours! With my 2n... Read More »

During day 15 of cycle feeling extremely fatigued and now feeling better Can this be a sign of early pregnancy?

Answer It is more than likely your progesterone dropping, meaning it is the end of your cycle.. BUT you never know, a positive pregnancy test is really the only true first sign. :) Answer Hello -... Read More »

A milky brownish discharge during Pregnancy,What is it is this Normal?

Sounds like it is just dried blood, however, if there is a bad smell it could be a bacterial infection. Monitor it for a few days, and if it doesn't go away then you need to see a OB-GYN. Good luck... Read More »