You want to change insurance companies can you overlap to maintain cover?

Answer This depends on the policy. The best thing to do is to call the life insurance agent to ask about the specific policy in question.

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What insurance companies cover IUDs?

Answer I have Welmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they paid for my IUD.

Do all insurance companies cover broken windshields?

All insurance companies cover broken windshields under the comprehensive section of an auto policy. Windshield damage is paid out only after the comprehensive deductible has been met by the insured... Read More »

Which health insurance companies will cover Hepatitis C?

Hep C and Insurance Hepatitis C exclusions are rare. If you have coverage, then the company should pay. Was it a pre-x? Was it admitted on the application? Is this employer group or individual cove... Read More »

Do any insurance companies cover births at home?

There are insurance companies that will pay for home birth without issue. Others can be persuaded to cover the cost or reimburse it. Contact your insurance company to find out its policy well in ad... Read More »