You used to had a birth control would that casued not have a baby?

Answer once you stop taking birth control, it might take a while, but it will not keep you from having a baby.

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If you are a teenager and used birth control when you had sex why would your period be late?

Answer When you're a teenager your body and your periods are still adjusting and regulating itself, and usually it doesn't regulate itself until adulthood. It maybe a chemical thing, so if you're ... Read More »

If you had sex when you were off birth control and got preg and didnt know it until you were put back on birth control will it kill the baby?

If the birth control inhibits ovulation, once you have a fertilized egg, it should be fine as it has passed the point where birth control will do anything about it. However I'm not a pharmacist / d... Read More »

Could you have harmed your baby if you took birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?

Answer Unlikely. Lots of women have got pregnant while on birth control pill and delivered healthy babies. Please dont worry about it now because stress can be harmful to the baby. Now you can ta... Read More »

If you find out from the doctor that you are pregnant would heshe keep you on birth control pills if you are already taking them or would heshe tell you to stop taking them?

Pill While Pregnant    A doctor would tell you to stop taking them immediately if you want to protect the fetus.  Birth control pills can be harmful or can have abortive properties for the fetus.