You tube question which will prob make me sound dumb?

Answer Once you've finished editing your video, made sure it's less than 10 minutes, smaller than 1GB in size, and in an acceptable format, you're ready to upload it. 1. Click the "Upload" button in the... Read More »

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Sound Bar Question - Which One is Better?

Of the two the Vizio is order to attach a sound bar to an HDTV it needs to have optical in connections (not all do) also HDMI is helpful for Blu ray...also the number of drivers is goo... Read More »

Help on facebook please............. (read my prob.) this question worth 10 points?

u cannot-it sucks-fb has changed again-i know-i am there! it has changed like 5 times since i joined-uugh!

This is probably a dumb question but if I'm in a room that smells bad will I smell like that room?

yes, the odors will carry on your clothes and your hair.

Am I fat. Yea, dumb question?

check your specifics with this website (scroll half way down)…(Average for teens)5'0" = 94.5lbs 5'1" = 98lbs5'2" = 101lbs5'3" = 104.5lbs5'4" = 107.5lbs5'5"... Read More »