You tube help!!!?

Answer probably network traffic is high, or something ...these will help you...1. Use Opera browser, it will load faster and smoother.OR..2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.Try watching... Read More »

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You tube not working , when I open any video in you tube , although the you tube page opens, but the part?

Yeah that happens sometimes with me too just reload/refresh the page!

YOU TUBE! help me?

I e-mail them to myself. Under the screen there is the option to share video. Go to that, type in your e-mail address and then send it to yourself. You can then save it where you want on your compu... Read More »

Vid 4 u-tube help.......................?

Ensure the file format is correct before uploading to youtube...Using windows movie maker -- you have to save it into the proper file format, that is "wmv" file (use the "save movie file" on the me... Read More »

You tube upload help?

Do you mean from the task manager? If this is so it does not matter as that has to do with processing capabilities not networking and download speed.