You took 3 pregnancy test all were positive are you pregnant?

Answer If you took three tests and they were all positive, YES!! I think you can rule out a malfunctioning test when three tell you the same thing. Congratulations!! :)

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If a pregnant cat or dog took a human pregnancy test do you think it would turn out positive?

Well considering the h in hCG stands for Human, IM going to say no...but i could be wrong.

You took a pregnancy test on Saturday and it was positive. Can you just now be having implant bleeding on Wednesday?

Answer No, you cannot have a positive test until about a week after implantation. Some women have a little bit of spotting during pregnancy. As long as you don't have a period and the pregnancy ... Read More »

Can you get a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks pregnant?

You took your test about 100 and it came out positive and then about inthe moring you went to the doctor and it came out positive and you took first respones and im 19 year old?

Answer I do not fully understand this question,but it sounds like you have taken several pregnancy tests and been to a doctor and everyone says you are pregnant but you are only 19? If that is the... Read More »