You saw two clot while 12 week pregnant what does that mean?

Answer Go and see the doctor/midwife

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If your nipples have been very sensitive and sore for the past week and cycle is not due for another day or so does that mean that you could be pregnant?

Answer It's possible, but it could be a symptom of PMS. Wait until your period is due, if it doesn't come and it a few days late, take a home test or go see a doctor.

My blood clot fell out, does that mean i will get dry socket?

If your tooth or extraction site is still bleeding there is absolutely no need to go back to the dentist. A clot falling out, is normal! The time you need to be worrying about a dry socket, if a cl... Read More »

If you feel cramping a week before your period does that mean your pregnant?

Usually it means that you have PMS. It's normal to have cramps a week before your expected period.

What does hemorrhaging while pregnant mean?

Normally it's a sign of miscarriage. Go to the ER immediately.