You plugged your iPod Nano in and it says 'open with' what does that mean?

Answer Answer If you have windows media player, then that would do the trick. If it is a new ipod, does it come with software to install on you PC? That would also work.Failing that, if you ignore the me... Read More »

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Why can speakers be heard even when ear buds are plugged into 5th gen iPod nano?

Yes you can! With any kind of headphones. But it won't if the hole isn't big enough for it.

My ipod nano wont turn on, nor will it charge when plugged into the computer. ?

hehe. this is common. let me guess, you only chrage it through the usb port on your pc?if so, borrow or buy a portable usb wall charger and plug the nano's usb cable in. let it stay for 24 hours, t... Read More »

Can you trade in the ipod nano 8g 4th generation for the new ipod nano with video?

Whats the difference between a 4 gb ipod nano to the 8 gb ipod nano?