You plugged your iPod Nano in and it says 'open with' what does that mean?

Answer Answer If you have windows media player, then that would do the trick. If it is a new ipod, does it come with software to install on you PC? That would also work.Failing that, if you ignore the me... Read More »

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I have a 1GB Ipod nano, or so it says in the box , but when I check in about it says that it has 892 MB?

Yes - like any harddrive it reserves a small proportion for its file system (e.g. FAT32).If you look at your PC harddrive - it may be (for example) 20GB, but useable space will be somewhere around ... Read More »

Your doctor says your cervixs is 2 centimeters open and 1 centimeter shortened you are almost 36 weeks does that mean ill deliver really soon?

Answer No - not at all. You will begin to dilate around 36 weeks and you can go 6 weeks without dilating any further. Most women are 1-2 cm dilated for the last weeks of their pregnancy.I really... Read More »

You received a Ipod nano for Christmas and love it The sound is unbelievable although you are having trouble with the ear buds that came with the iPod they will not stay in your ear Any comment?

don't yell at me if im wrong but my friend said brodie king won them sry if im wrong but that's what my friend said.fell free to improve my awnser

What does iPod Nano 2nd generation mean?

Like a car manufacturer, Apple regularly looks at its line of iPods to find out what works, what doesn't and what can be improved. Rather than renaming a product when those changes are made, it sim... Read More »