You missed your last shot and had unprotected sex with your partner?

Answer Ok, Dont worry that much because you can get the morning after pill or if you can not afford it then don't worry so much because just wait 2 weeks get a pregnancy test see if you are pregnant becau... Read More »

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I had unprotected oral sex with my husband and I've missed my period. Am I pregnant?

I can't believe you're cheating on me with your husband.edit: I also can't believe Josh is your husband. I thought he was my husband. *shrugs* Oh well.edit again: Josh - Ohhhhhh! Okie. xoxox

Could I get genital herpes if I had unprotected sex with my partner?

there's a high possibility, esp. if spreading and itchy... try asking your bf if he had sex before, or both of you go the doctor... pimples occur very very rarely on the genitals

Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex three weeks ago and a pregnancy test was negative but you haven't missed a period yet?

Answer Anytime you have sex you have the opportunity for pregnancy with or w/o a condom. Your risk obviously does increase w/o a condom. Check with your physician or take another test to check f... Read More »

Unprotected sex after 3wks of abortion and had depo shot immediatly?

And your question?Depo does not work for one MONTH. getting it after sex is not effective, you could be pregnant again.