You lost a bet to your sister what should you have to wear?

Answer Okay, no offense, but you should have to wear a pink tutu to school! Something no one else would ever wear.

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Should your 10 year old sister wear a mini skirt to school?

My bro lost a bet, what should he wear?

Give him a full make over: Mascara, foundation, lipstick(Bright) and Blusher.Put him in a tutu, some pink tights, a belly top and make him wear a wig! ;) No matter what he wears, he will look stunn... Read More »

What should me and my sister wear to get our pictures taken?

Should I the older sister have to do all the house work when my younger sister who is nearly a teen do nothing?

No! ^_^Everyone in the household has to contribute for the household to be a working, safe, and enjoyable environment. Tell her to at least help fold clothes, or clean up around the house.