"You know you drink too much when __________"?

Answer When budgeting your paycheck, you make sure you have some money set aside to go to the state store to get enough boos to last you until next paycheck.

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When do you know when you have had to much to drink?

You start getting a little woozy and dizzy and start saying dumb things. Or at least I do. *lol*

How do you know if you`re an alcoholic friends say i drink too much, how much is too much?

Some very good answers here.If you friends are commenting on your drinking habits this is a classic sign that things aren't right. You say you don't get drunk during opening hours. That implies t... Read More »

Which Matters Most When You Drink Alcohol: Spacing or How Much You Drink?

When drinking alcoholic beverages, spacing the amount of time between the consumption of drinks is important because the body can only metabolize one drink per hour. But nothing has greater health ... Read More »

When a cardiologist tells you to drink a little red wine,how much does he mean for you to drink?

New Haven, Conn. — A review article of the latest studies looking at red wine and cardiovascular health shows drinking two to three glasses of red wine daily is good for the heart, according to a... Read More »