You just opened a lounge what can you offer?

Answer you can go look and research some were else, estipod0!

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Why is my beer flat, I have just opened it and poured it out of the can!?

I just opened my own construction company. I bought a brand new truck, all tools. I have a big problem.?

This might sound weird....but finding a good contractor to some people is like finding a good hair stylist. It's almost always done by referral or by the happenstance that a walk-in becomes a repe... Read More »

I just got my BRAND NEW ipod in the mail, I opened it and there's a scratch on it! It's little, but still...?

Where's the scratch? If it's on the back, that's too bad.. If it's on the screen, then you should be able to get a replacement.

Don't laugh.. just help please!! opened the beer bottle with my teeth and now my right jaw hurts?

lol, i used to do that until one day i ended up chipping my tooth and then i never did it again. No one notices that i chipped my tooth but i do. Anyways if it still hurts really bad you should go ... Read More »