You help my television?

Answer I had the same problem with my Samsung T.V. I would turn it on, the blue light that determines it's on, turned on and off. First we waited a couple minutes for it to turn on and then it progressed ... Read More »

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Help with a very old television.?

Your best solution is a sledge hammer. You see, you have to aim to the center of the screen, but wait it is a precise move and may require some supervision. Goggles are recommended.chau

Trouble with Television... can you help?

Why do you need a TV in your bedroom...???I'm sure you have other things you could be for your spelling...see me later..xxEDIT...Luv the T/D...

Can television help kids have a better education?

On One Hand: Selective Viewing is ImportantThere are many excellent educational programs on television, but it's up to the parent to pick and choose the ones that are suitable for a particular chil... Read More »

Massive Plasma television issue. Urgent please help!?

What you have is a 32" LCD tv. It is a bargain price tv that is not very reliable. Plasma tv starts at the 42" up to 150". It is not worth fixing than just buying a new tv. Keep in mind, you get wh... Read More »