You have to give up one?

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Do you have to have to have the father's consent to give a baby up for adoption?

It's a personal choice, they cannot make you do anything actually. Do what you think is right & don't let everyone elses feelings affect your actions. You are the one, who in the long run, will hav... Read More »

Do they give grants and scholarships if I have a disability i have asperger's syndrome?

There are grants and scholarships out there that pertain to everyone. Because you have a disability doesn't mean you can't get any. Search around and I am sure there will be something for you. Good... Read More »

What use do condoms have just have the baby and then give it up for adoption?

Its called being responsible. No mother wants to give a child up for adoption, nor should she be put in a position that she has to. That is a wound that will never heal. And every child has a right... Read More »

You have soule custody does her dad have to give permission for her to go out of state?

no, only if you are going out of the country. I just traveled out of state with my 2 children and I have sole physical custody, it was no problem.