You have low suction and a cool discharge line why is that?

Answer my experience there is not one only reason why this happen... 1st. if this air con have repair before or install a new compressor and the supply power is 3phase the reason why this happen is... Read More »

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Cause of ice formation in suction line in split ac?

4 things could be happening. your condensing or evaporative coils are dirty.(youtube has many videos on how to clean them) your low on freon, or you have a dirty filter. i would start with checkin... Read More »

Red thin line covered in a LOT of discharge... What is it?

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Does it look cool to put a line in your eyebrow?

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What type of discharge will you get if you receive a discharge for 2 alcohol incidents in the coast guard?

If I was throwing you out for two alcohol-related incidents, I could go one of four ways. (Note: this is an Army answer, the Coast Guard is probably similar.)If you'd been in the service for less t... Read More »