You have low suction and a cool discharge line why is that?

Answer my experience there is not one only reason why this happen... 1st. if this air con have repair before or install a new compressor and the supply power is 3phase the reason why this happen is... Read More »

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Cause of ice formation in suction line in split ac?

4 things could be happening. your condensing or evaporative coils are dirty.(youtube has many videos on how to clean them) your low on freon, or you have a dirty filter. i would start with checkin... Read More »

I have discharge that happens all day but it comes out white is that normal?

all normal and you cannot control it- it's Hormone controlled…

If you have direct tv DVD no line in and TV with line out only how do you hook that up?

What is the milky discharge you have during pregnancy that has a whiteness to it but is very watery and is it normal to have a lot of it?

Answer I have been told that it is natural vaginal secretions that a woman normally has but it is more plentiful during pregnancy because of the excessive blood flow to the uteral and vaginal areas... Read More »