You have licked your friend's penis can you become pregnant?

Answer You can not become pregnant by having Oral Sex. Check out Talksexwithsue.Q) HEY WHT IS ORAL XXX oral x means intercourse xx right???? explain'

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If a head of penis was in you for a short time no ejaculation but took plan b anyway because there was no condom and you got 2 heavy periods no pregnant symptoms is it safe to say you ARENT pregnant?

How far does your penis have to be in to get her pregnant?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there i... Read More »

Can you get pregnant even if you don't put your penis fully in?

If you have both a female part, and a male part, then you can't get pregnant. There's no such thing as that, and you cannot do that to yourself. If your question was "Can you get someone pregnant ... Read More »

When you are pregnant is it true that the man's penis cannot get all the way in you?

Answer No, the fetus is inside the uterus. During intercourse, the penis is in the vaginal shaft. Speak with your OBGYN to discuss if intercourse is safe with your pregnancy. Be sure your partner i... Read More »