You have had 3 c-sections could this stop you from having a baby?

Answer How big where your babies? My mother had 3 c-sections but we were all huge and it was danergous for her to have another baby. However it shouldn't stop you conciving but I would really look at the ... Read More »

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Can you still have a baby naturally after having two c-sections?

This depends on how you have healed and how the pregnancy progresses. The doctor will make a decision based on the individual.

If your husband has delusional disorder and is on medication which he cannot stop can you have a baby when he is on meds and will the meds harm a baby and will your baby get the illness?

Answer If your husband has done any drugs in the past then this can cause delusions (meaning weed, acid, etc.) If not, and he truly has a mental illness then it's best for you to talk to your fami... Read More »

How do you make a baby stop crying it's not my baby?

First of all you should try to know the reason... that why is the baby crying! Maybe he is hungry, or is not feeling well, etc.If he is crying without any reason then you can:>give him his toys or ... Read More »

Your husband wants to suck your milk everyday and wants you not to stop feeding him even after your baby stop feeding will this harm your health?

No, not at all. infact the longer you breastfeed, whether it be child or partner, the more benefits you gain. the risk of developing a number of different cancers, such as ovarian, uterus, breast,... Read More »