You have completed Marine Basic Training Do you have to complete army as well to re enlist in the army?

Answer No, you do not. The Marines is the only branch of Service that the US Army accepts people without going through any form of introduction training.

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Where will you go to Basic Training if you enlist into Army EOD?

In the Army, you don't enlist directly into EOD, unless something's changed since I was in. You had to fulfill your initial enlistment, then you'd be eligible to try out for EOD through the BEAR pr... Read More »

When do you go to basic training after you enlist in the army?

Depends on what you will be doing in the Army. Infantry personnel attend One Station Training at Ft. Benning GA.

Can you enlist in the marine corps if you have a general discharge from the army?

You'd have to look at your RE code on your DD-214. If it's RE4, you can pretty much count yourself out, and they're not likely to want to take the time to waiver you in with an RE3, either.

What comes after basic training in the us army?

There are a couple of answers to this. Most soldiers will go straight to Advanced Individual Training, where they learn the skills needed to do the job they enlisted for. If you joined an MOS that ... Read More »