You have ative 2gb SD card full of pictures if you are asked to format it by your PC will you lose pics and video saved on card?

Answer Yes. Formatting will destroy all the data on the memory card.Make sure you keep a backup of the data, frequently.

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Full ativa 2gb SD card wpics video your PC asks you to format If you say yes will this erase your pics and videos?

Sounds about right. Just be sure to transfer the existing files to your desktop or hard drive first to be able to save what's already on it.

My camera says that the card is full but there is no pictures when i go to delete them what do i do HELP PLZ ?

Try putting the card in your computer and checking for anything on it at all. Those cards also hold any kind of files like word documents, excel spreadsheets etc. So put it in your computer and m... Read More »

How Do I Save Pictures if the Camera Says Format Memory Card?

Most digital cameras save pictures on an internal memory card. This card is easy to remove from the camera and place into another device or a computer. This makes it easy to move your pictures from... Read More »

Can you remove a memory card from camera and not lose the pictures on it?

Yes. Make sure that the camera is turned off before pulling out the memory card. You can then insert the card into an appropriate slot or adapter in your computer, and copy (or move) the photos to... Read More »