You had unprotected sex on the 7th day of your menstrual cycle and did not take any birth-control pill.what are the chances of getting pregnant?

Answer if you dont want to be pregnant it is most likely... if you want to be pregnant who knows! You can still get pregnant even if you are having your period when you have sex

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Can anorexics get a menstrual cycle while on birth control?

On One Hand: Anoxeric Women ConcernsAnoxeric women often have problems with their menstrual cycles due to their low fat ratio. The woman's body needs a certain fat content in order to produce the c... Read More »

Calculating menstrual cycle when on birth control?

You do not have a menstrual cycle while on the pill. The hormones of the pill prevent ovulation, this is how they prevent pregnancy. The blood you see while on the placebo is just withdrawal... Read More »

Realisticly what are the chances of getting pregnant on birth control?

Birth control pills are very reliable at preventing pregnancy. However, nothing but abstinence is 100% effective. When used as directed the rate of effectiveness varies from 92-99%. In theory, t... Read More »

I am on birth control pills and don't take a break between packs so i dont get a period does this increase my chances of getting pregnant or am i still protected and will this cause me any harm?

Anything your partner does after you have already become pregnant will not affect your baby, unless they pass along an STD/STI -- your body closes the area the baby is in, off from the rest of the ... Read More »