You had sex on your last two ovulation days what is your chances?

Answer High

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If you had unprotected sex and he came in you 4 or 5 days before your expected ovulation day according to your doctor then what is the chance of you being pregnant?

its almost about 50/50 because, when they come inside you and your so close to ovulation you get a thicker mucus and sperm can live up to about 5, 6 or even 7 days in it. So if he has strong sperm ... Read More »

What are the chances you are pregnant if your breasts are sorer than normal a few days before your period?

Answer It is normal for your breast to become sore before your period, but if you feel uncomfortable take a pregnancy test just in case.

Can treating a yeast infection during ovulation affect your chances of pregnancy?

Answer No, they have no affect on each other. But it's probably not the best thing for your yeast infection to have sex. It could make your worse or spread to your partner.

Your first baby was three days early what are the chances your second will be early you are 34 weeks gone?

Answer There's no way to predict it. Every pregnancy is totally different. You can be early and then be late for all the rest.and anyway 3 days early is not early at all, that is why it is called ... Read More »