You had guardianship of your granddaughter she went to live wiyh an aunt who now has guardianship but she wants to come back to live with you what do you have yo do?

Answer Yes. There are females in all branches of the military...

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If you are 17 and no longer live with your legally appointed guardian can you have the guardianship changed to the person that you now live with?

Answer A 17-year-old has no legal standing to make the change. Only their parents or the court can make the change. The current legal gaurdian would have to petition the court for the change.

What should I do to get guardianship of 12 year old granddaughter?

sign as a godmother or just go to court saying that the parents should have no right because of whatever your reason may might want to try to talk to the parents as well, try to get them int... Read More »

Is a guardianship legal if biological parents were not served with petition for guardianship?

Guardianship is legal when the judge says it is. An attempt must be made to serve the biological parents but if service is not possible for whatever reason an argument can be made to the judge to g... Read More »

If you are 15 and are pregnant can your mom force you to give it to your aunt for guardianship if you want to keep it?

Nope. Your child is your child. Mom can't make you give it up to anyone, if you don't want to. Though your not a legal adult and will not be immediately emancipated, the Law is still on your side. ... Read More »