You had chicken pox but they went away before they blistered or scabbed?

Answer call yurr local dermitoligist

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If I went to the doctor for bug bites would there be something they could prescribe me for them to go away?

The doctor would probably recommend something anyone can buy to deal with the itching and swelling: Benedryl topical gel.It greatly reduces the itching to a level that's manageable. Nothing will ma... Read More »

If a VEGAN went back to their old eating habits would they be able to digest meat & dairy like they used to?

With having experience in this field, some even complained of cramping, swollen insides and taste being off. If you do, which I don't want you to Mrs. Vegan, but if you must, slowly digest items no... Read More »

I have black dots on my nose and they're not freckles. what are they and how do they go away?

Those are really blackheads unless you have some crazy skin disease. They're really hard to remove, however, you can remove them by scrubbing your face every day and taking a bath as often as you c... Read More »

Why is it that they wont serve me in the pub when I am drunk, but they never turn away fat people in Mcdonalds?

It is illegal to be drunk in a public place.