You had a baby 3 weeks ago and had 3 stitches over the past week you have felt sore down below you had a bath today and felt a lump bubble at the side of the opening where your baby came out?

Answer You should go to the doctor

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16 weeks 4 days and still haven't felt baby move?

Lots of women don't feel the baby move until 18 to 22 weeks or so. You're best chance to feel it this early on is to simply lie still. What feels like gas or slight twitchy feelings is the baby mov... Read More »

I am 20 weeks pregnant and i haven't felt my baby move?

Don't worry, I am 20 weeks as well and up until today I don't think I had felt my baby move either but I had an ultrasound a couple days ago and my baby girl is healthy and moving around. The lady ... Read More »

Should you worry or seek medical advice if you have not felt any movement from the baby within the 20th week of pregnancy?

pregnancy movement Yes, you should seek a doctor if you have not felt the baby kick or just not felt any kind of movement.I bet you will feel a kick any day now 20 weeks is usually when you feel th... Read More »

Im 38 yrs old and just felt a lump on the rght side of my neck?

In a 38 year old, a swollen lymph node in the neck needs to be looked at allot closer than in a teen, especially if the swollen node is NOT painful or is fairly firm or bone like. My advice is take... Read More »