You found an iphone but its locked how do you unlock it?

Answer Hold down the top lock button and the home button down until the apple sign comes up on ur phone, once this comes up release the lock button at the top but still hold the home button until the conn... Read More »

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When will an unlock for iphone 4 with the latest software of 4.2.1 be available so that I can use my iphone on a different carrier then the one it is locked to?

How do you unlock locked iphone 3g 3.1.3?

Found a lost iphone thats locked attempted to return please help.?

Verizon should have been more help. I usually take the phone and locate the owner myself, then keep it in the store's safe for a month before donating it. The store can also see if it's still activ... Read More »

I bought an iphone 4 last year but its locked under T-mobile and i dont no how to unlock it?

with a little help of the search machine YAHOO you can enter words like T-MOBILE and search on their site for unlockor with phone and sim and other