You forgot your passcode for your iPhone how do you unlock it?

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How do you unlock your iPhone if you forgot the passcode?

I Tried To Unlock My Ipod Touch. My Ipod Didnt Unlock When I Pressed Restore On My Itunes On My Computer . So I Went To The Apple Store By The Mall Of Lousiana And They Restore It And Got The Iphon... Read More »

PLEASE Help! I need to unlock my iPhone! I forgot the passcode!?

For unlocking u don't need to restore Dont worry because u havent forget the password juz the touch wasnt responsive so u better go to an apple store to check out your touch sensor ..

If you restore your iPhone after forgetting your passcode lock will you be able to set a new passcode without having to know the old one?

How do you get into your ipod if you forgot your passcode?

Okay there are two things you can do.... You can take it to the apple store or you have to restart it and you lose everything unless you backed it up. That has happened to me like two times already!