You ever get drunk on weekdays?

Answer I do yes...fancy joining me...?? ;)

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Ever accidentally get drunk?

Yes! it's like visit from your mother-in -law when you are not careful and be nice to her till she decides to stay over.

How you ever gotten drunk in the day time?

I once got totally smashed by 1p.m., so middle of day. And I went to work. I had at least 6 shots of vodka. And no one found out. That is why office work is so great.

Have you ever driven drunk?

I was not drunk but I had been drinking and should not have been driving. I was stopped for speeding but he never tested me for alcohol so I was safe there. I made it home - no one was hurt. But... Read More »

Have you ever been totally drunk?

Well here's the winner.Do you mean like blacked out drunk? Yes,many times.I have been told things I did when I was wasted ,and never remembered a thing about it!!! The BEST ONE was when I was in co... Read More »