You do frozen seeds sprout?

Answer yes, because if it has enough of soil right on it then it is ok.

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Do frozen or heated seeds sprout higher after 10 days?

yes, but it depends on the type of seed. some perform better if soaked in cold water, others better if soaked in hot water and other better if they are pre-chilled

Will a frozen lima bean sprout?

Sprouting beans like lima beans requires warmth and sunlight. Beans will not sprout in the freezer. However, a frozen lima bean that is thawed may sprout in the appropriate climate if it was not pr... Read More »

How do I sprout pepper seeds?

Planting SeedsStart pepper seeds inside early in spring. Fill a pot with moist potting soil. Lay the seeds flat in the container. Cover them with soil. Do not pack the mixture but coat them lightly... Read More »

How to Sprout Sunflower Seeds?

Like many seeds, sunflower seeds can be made to sprout in order to produce a healthy source of nutrients. Proper sprouting depends on a variety of factors: temperature, water volume and time. The s... Read More »