You can smell a burning scented candle across a room because?

Answer the gas molecules move about the room

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Im burning hot wax to make my room smell good! What can i use to put the hot wax back so i can use it agian?

do you have any empty chocolate boxes? like toffeefay? or a one layer ferrerro rocher box? that's wat I use. the individual little bubbles are great for different kinds. when I go to use it again I... Read More »

Burn the candle or put it on a candle warmer Which keeps the smell longer?

Burn baby burn. Get one of those yankee candle toppers. They make the candle burn much more evenly. I have the metal one that fits the inside and it fits even the cheap candle jars. Don't get the o... Read More »

How to Make a Scented Candle in a Glass?

Make your own scented candle in a glass. Great for home decoration and aromatherapy and excellent for handmade gifts.

Does a scented or unscented candle burn faster and how do u know?

actually sented candles burn slower then non-sented candles The answer above is correct though many people think that is makes no difference. So I suggest you get a lot of answers from people and... Read More »