You can have a normal childbirth after tubes come apart?

Answer escape of the amniotic fluid

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Is drainage from ear tubes normal?

On One Hand: Drainage Is NormalAccording to the Mayo Clinic, drainage is to be expected for up to a week after ear tube surgery. The drainage might be clear, green, yellow, brown, pink, or bloody. ... Read More »

When do your breasts go back down to their normal size after childbirth or do they remain larger?

Answer Ladies can only wish (if they are as small as me) that their breasts will be permanently big. If you don't breastfeed they will go back to their original size. And if you do breastfeed they ... Read More »

After childbirth and frequent usage, does the wizard's sleeve eventually return to normal?

I like a big meaty wizard sleeve myself...

What is a childbirth ob-gyn?

This sounds like an abbreviation for Obstetrics and Gynecology. If you are going to a doctor during pregnancy he/she is your Obstetrician and takes care of your health by running blood tests, blood... Read More »