You bought your tv from circuit city?

Answer yes

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Where do I take camera bought at Circuit City for repairs?

Canon EOS 5 is a Prosumer/high-end 35mm film camera. That means that you have a piece of professional equipment in your hands. Very useful for who knows the technique of photography, less useful fo... Read More »

My TV from Circuit City broke! What do I do?

You will have to go through the manufacturer for warranty repairs. Better hope they can find the receipt! Also, if they purchased an extended warranty, that is done through a different company th... Read More »

Who makes Sens television from Circuit City?

Before Circuit City went out of business in 2009, they carried Sens televisions manufactured by SNAP electronics. Sens televisions were Circuit City Private Label products, so their warranties were... Read More »

Would you buy an LCD TV from Best Buy or Circuit City or PC Richards?

NEVER from Best Buy! I might deal with Circuit City, in my area they tend to have good prices, better than Best Buy and courteous personnel, Something Best Buy lacks off. We don't have PC Richards ... Read More »