You are thirteen can you get emancipated in ny?

Answer Its very hard to get emancipated. You have to be able to show that you can support yourself. 13 is not even old enough to get a decent job that pays over 7 dollars. So a 13 year probably can not ge... Read More »

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If you're only 14 and live in Calgary can you get emancipated if you move out with two other people who are going to be emancipated?

Answer I would answer to that question maybe, but most likely not. In Alberta, you can legally leave home at age sixteen. In Ontario, you can withdraw from consent at sixteen, or live with anothe... Read More »

How to Get Emancipated at 16?

If you are emancipated from your parents at age 16, you are legally responsible for yourself. Your parents no longer have control over your life. You will no longer have to obey your parents, but y... Read More »

Thirteen year old?

Yes.But only a little bit.Mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss is enough.

Thirteen and pregger's.?

Well first of all, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. Now that said, let us move on. At thirteen it is very difficult to take the responsibility of raising a child. There is nothing in this world that can be... Read More »